Monday, September 16, 2013

story of my life in 250 emoji or less

To tell my life story in some detail, I used approximately 223 emoji. 223 emoji for my entire life! I'm not sure if that's depressing or awesome. I'm leaning more towards the latter.

You may not understand all of my whole life story....but, hey. The fun part is the interpreting.

On that note, I find that people are quite adept at decoding these mysterious Emoji transcripts. I fully expect a full-blown Emoji language to emerge in a matter of years. Will our children's children only talk in Emoji? Will our children only relate through a basic Japanese language? Is Japan trying to take over the world through Emoji? I think the answers lie in the Emoji themselves; a secret language, if you will.

I believe with all my heart that the more we study this deep and under simplified language, we may find answers.  Answers to WW2 questions, why Asians like rice so much, and where does sushi really come from?

Or simply answer important queries, such as,

What Made Elyse Who She Is: The Picture Edition.

For your viewing pleasure, 223 tiny little pictures in an orderly storyboard format.

PS: for some reason, I couldn't get the emoji to paste into blogger or anywhere else besides my notepad. And then I took a screenshot with everything accidentally highlighted and then accidentally deleted the whole work of art. So now it looks weird and has a blue background...but just roll with it. It's midnight here. ugh.

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  1. Wow. This is seriously amazing! And I think I totally got it all. My favorite parts... your mom kicking your dad out, the fact that you got straight A's in highschool (did I get that right),your honeymoon, Vivan's early years.... its just all so good! Kind of wonding if the little baby and happy face at the end is some kind of announcement tho ;)
    Also, its been decided. THIS is the language of the future. It's spans all nations. Stop teaching Viv words and instead, emoji. She will be ahead of the times... the brilliant child she has always been!