Friday, September 6, 2013

20 things that bug the crap out of me


I'm sure it comes as no surprise that this list was easy for me. I'm the biggest pessimist that you will ever meet and lists of things I hate come to me in waves. It's not that I hate everything (really!), I just have strong, really strong opinions. But you already knew that. SO! moving on.

I present to you:


1. Runaway grocery carts - just put them away
2. Know it alls - just shut up and stop talking
3. People who are fake - can you just stop pretending please and be real?
4. When something isn't finished- I can't have just half of my house decorated, like ever. No patience.
5. Humidity- kill me already
6. Grammatical errors/bad English - please go back to elementary school
7. People who don't read books - instant turn off.
8. Passive aggressive people - just say what you wanna say and stop being a jerk.
9. Paying for laundry - WHY?????!!!!!
10. My clicking jaw - don't sit by me when I'm eating
11. Flaky people - THE WORST. don't promise you'll do something and then NOT do it.
12. The color orange (in clothing) - it assaults my eyes every time. in what universe is orange ok to wear, and what does it even match with besides camo (only in Cedar) ?
13. Pomegranates - The seeds! So much work. So little reward.
14. Moms on Facebook who catalogue everything they got done that day - instead, just petition the Facebook world for compliments on how awesome you are.
15. The word "play date" - it instantly dumbs me down.
16. William Shakespeare - because he makes me feel stupid. I never ever understand his plays or why they are so famous.
17. People who look down on you for being a stay at home mom - like, let's trade lives!
18. People who don't get sarcasm - it's annoying to have to say i'm kidding all the time....
19. People waking me up - FOR THE LOVE DON'T EVER WAKE ME UP.
20. Not having anything exciting to do on a Friday night - nothing puts me in a worse mood, you know?

Let's discuss: after jotting down this list, I'm realizing that the thing that annoys me the most are people. That's terrible, right? Am I overly judgmental and critical of people? Probably. But I know what I like and what I don't, and I'm usually not afraid to say it. I think it's mostly because I have had significant run-ins with stupid people, and their quirks annoy me. If I had to choose, people who are flaky/fake would top my list. Nothing bugs me more than people saying they will do something and then never actually intending to do it, but say it mostly to look good/save face/avoid confrontation, etc. This was seriously my life before I moved to California. You would not believe the flakiness of the people around me. It bugged me so much, that when I moved to California, I made a conscious effort to be honest and forthright about everything, even if it was uncomfortable. This policy has totally changed who I am. Before, I was a wimp. I was a people pleaser, always worried about what people thought of me. I followed the crowd and hardly ever said what I really wanted to say. I am completely different now, and I think it's made me much more confident in who I am. Funny how people's bad habits can affect the person you become in more than one way, you know?

So, there you have it.
Blogged! Woo!
Now that I have all of the crappy writing out of my system, let's get these Faux and Fox posts rolling in the hilarious wittiness that we posses.


Sidenote: i do like pomegranates. But why do they have to be so hard to eat? ugh. 

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