Friday, September 13, 2013

Blessing and a Curse

I've lived in the days without internet (barely)I was raised on 4 T.V. channels, 5 if someone would get on the roof and adjust the antenna
I'd never had delivery pizza until 2 years ago (we lived too far in the "county" for delivery)
I had a real live pen pal that I wrote to using snail mail
We thrived on the radio and finally got a CD player when I was 14

And now I live in a world at my fingertips
In a split second I learn of a friend having twins and another friend breaking off their engagement
I can look up lyrics to a song to prove my husband wrong
I can order flowers from Ecuador and have them sent straight to a friend
I can send emails to my grandma and talk about baby names
I look at clothes and food and more clothes and more food and things for my house and things for my baby like which car seat to buy and which crib is the best. I play card games and send emails. I find coupons and read restaurant reviews. I watch videos of friends and family far away and get to see things like my nephew crawling for the first time. I can see a picture of a delicious homemade donut, find the recipe and realize I need a donut pan and order it right then and there so I can be making donuts in two days thanks to Amazon Prime.

And I start to wonder, how is this impacting my life?
What is this doing to a girl who was raised so "simple"

It's giving me envy
and taking my pride
its giving me connections
and taking away interactions
its giving me opportunity
and taking time
its giving me happiness
and taking my joy
its giving me goods
and taking my money

It's a give and take world.
But it always has been.
Only now its at my fingertips.
Time to give more and take less.
But for now I'll take that donut.

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  1. AH.MA.ZING.

    that give and take thing is so good. And so true. The hard thing is knowing how to balance the good and the bad when the bad is disguised as good